Broadcom ships Trident 4C security switch

Broadcom announced delivery of the Trident 4C Ethernet switch ASIC, a 12.8 terabits/second security switch capable of analyzing all traffic at line rate. Trident 4C detects flow anomalies in real time as part of a rapid cyber-threat defense.
Broadcom HQTrident 4C key benefits

Connection-aware monitoring of 500k+ active flows at 5.4 billion packets/second

170 billion ALU operations per second for advanced connection fingerprinting

4M state flow metrics counters set by a programmable arithmetic engine

1M exact-match policy ACLs

Suitable for fixed-configuration and chassis-based designs

SONiC and SAI readiness for rapid integration into high-capacity networks

Trident 4C eliminates the need to compromise between performance and security. Random sampling is replaced by inspection of 100 percent of the traffic, even at the extreme bandwidths found in network cores.

Trident 4C integrates a purpose-built analytics engine capable of 170 billion operations per second with the ability to detect suspicious flow anomalies at line rate. This engine, enabled by default, has no impact on switch operation or performance.

“Trident 4C is an extension of our innovative portfolio. We started with Layer-2 switching, progressed to Layer-3 routing, and now are adding Layer 4-7 security as we climb the network OSI stack,” said Ram Velaga, senior vice president and general manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom.

“Arista’s 7050X4 series is powered by the Broadcom Trident 4 chipsets offering systems that today scale to 32 ports of 400G,” says Martin Hull, vice president, Platform Product Management and Cloud, Arista Networks.

“Trident 4C brings security and more flexibility when it comes to port connectivity, expandability, and in-field features upgradability, which will make it easier and more cost effective to continue to evolve their networks as needed,” said Dan DeBacker, senior vice president, Products, Extreme Networks.

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