Broadcom intros Jericho3-AI fabric for AI networks

Broadcom has introduced Jericho3-AI, a fabric that offers the highest performance for artificial intelligence (AI) networks.
Broadcom HQBroadcom’s Jericho3-AI incorporates features such as better load balancing, congestion-free operation, high radix, and Zero-Impact Failover, resulting in significantly reduced job completion times for any AI workload.

This technology arrives at a time when global spending on AI is rapidly increasing, with IDC forecasts indicating that it will reach $154 billion in 2023 and over $300 billion by 2026.

The Jericho3-AI fabric will allow network operators to handle the growing demands of AI workloads effectively.

The benchmark for AI networking is to reduce the time and effort required to complete the training and inference of large-scale AI models, which Jericho3-AI delivers with its superior performance. The Jericho3-AI fabric’s functionality is designed for AI workloads, offering features such as perfect load balancing, congestion-free operation, ultra-high radix, and Zero-Impact Failover, providing the highest performance for these workloads, Ram Velaga, senior vice president and general manager of Broadcom’s Core Switching Group, said.

The Jericho3-AI fabric provides a minimum of 10 percent shorter job completion times than alternative networking solutions for key AI benchmarks, resulting in a multiplicative effect on decreasing the cost of running AI workloads. The Jericho3-AI fabric offers 26 petabits per second of Ethernet bandwidth, four times more than the previous generation, and simultaneously delivers 40 percent lower power per gigabit.

Bob Wheeler, principal analyst at Wheeler’s Network, believes that cloud operators will upgrade their AI infrastructure to address the massive growth in bandwidth, driven by a new generation of high-capacity GPUs and the emergence of large language models.

He sees Jericho3-AI as a high-bandwidth, low-latency, and low-power choice for networks connecting tens of thousands of GPUs, revolutionizing the economics of building and maintaining AI clusters for this exciting new era.

Jericho3-AI fabric enables the lowest total cost of ownership while offering the highest performance, thanks to features such as long-reach SerDes, distributed buffering, and advanced telemetry, all provided using industry-standard Ethernet. It offers a high degree of flexibility in network architectures and deployment options with the largest ecosystem of hardware and software providers.

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