BoxTone’s enterprise mobility predictions

BoxTone has shared its enterprise mobility predictions for the next two years.

Mobile Investment Squeezes IT

In 2014, enterprise investment in mobility will grow by 70-80 percent, while the IT management budget will grow by 5-10 percent.

BYOD Will Drive Mobile Deployment Growth

By 2015, nearly 100 percent of all enterprise employees will be mobilized via multiple smartphones, tablets and apps — with more than 50 percent of the enterprise-connected devices being BYOD-based and most organizations utilizing two or more mobile containers.


Mobile Support Will Overtake PC Support Costs

By 2015, mobile support issues will exceed 50 percent of overall IT service desk workload and costs, which will also drive substantial support ticket escalations up to IT operations and app development teams.

Mobile Reliability Will Fail To Meet SLAs

By 2015, mobile will formally become a tier-one IT service for most organizations, requiring 95-98 percent availability; yet, upwards of 90 percent of mobile enterprises will annually experience two or more catastrophic failures across their mobile deployment.

Enterprises Can’t Effectively Measure Mobile Cost-of-Ownership (MCO)

By the end of 2014, mobile deployment cost overruns will be rampant because more than 90 percent of organizations have no idea what their real total MCO is and will be forced to start tracking and managing costs more effectively.

Brian Reed, chief product officer at BoxTone, said: “During the next two years, enterprise mobility will become infinitely more complex. The IT Operations and Support teams will need to transition their primary focus from the ‘connect-athon’ to a ‘support-athon.’ This means a fundamental shift from Security to Operations Management.”

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