BoxTone promises 60% cut in support costs with its User Self-Service solution

Enterprise mobility solution provider BoxTone on Monday promised 50-60 percent reduction in support costs to enterprises with its latest User Self-Service solution that empowers BYOD and corporate mobile users to Fix Your Own Device (FYOD).

BoxTone’s User Self-Service (USS) enables mobile workers to administer their own mobile services and fix their own devices, reducing overall support costs by 50-60 percent.

Enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) can ensure their mobile workforce stays productive, while substantially driving down mobile cost-of-ownership.

BoxTone User Self-Service web portal enables users to check the status of their mobile devices and services, perform the most common administrative tasks, and resolve a variety of mobile support issues — with no IT touch.

Byod Demands Fyod

In addition, BoxTone empowers mobile end-users to Fix Your Own Device, including administrative issues like resetting device or app passwords, activation, migration, lock, wipe and full de-provisioning, to service issues like outages or compliance remediation.

With BoxTone User Self-Service, organizations typically eliminate two or more service desk support calls per device per year, dramatically reducing support costs and recovering thousands of hours of lost mobile workforce productivity.

In a recent research report, “The Impact of Mobility on the IT Service Desk” (June 2013), Gartner surveys showed that, “81 percent of organizations reported that mobile devices have increased their service desk workload over the past two years.” Gartner recommends that I&O leaders must implement new support models to address the increasing user demands.

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