BMW teams with Intel, Mobileye to develop self-driving vehicles

BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye will work together to make self-driving vehicles a reality by 2021.

Today, the three partners were present at the BMW Group Headquarters in Munich to express their commitment.

Together with Intel and Mobileye, the BMW Group will develop the necessary solutions and innovative systems for highly and fully automated driving to bring these technologies into series production by 2021.

The BMW iNEXT model will be the foundation for BMW Group’s autonomous driving strategy. BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye are convinced that automated driving technologies will make travel safer and easier.

The collaboration indicates the upcoming trend in the automobile industry in line with the changes in technologies.

According to a press release published on the occasion, the goal of the collaboration is to develop future-proofed solutions that enable the drivers take their hands off the steering wheel.

Further, it will offer “eyes off” (level 3) and ultimately the “mind off” (level 4) level transforming the driver’s in-car time into leisure or work time.

“Highly autonomous cars and everything they connect to will require powerful and reliable electronic brains to make them smart enough to navigate traffic and avoid accidents,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

“This partnership between BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye will help us to quickly deliver on our vision to reinvent the driving experience. We bring a broad set of in-vehicle and cloud computing, connectivity, safety and security, and machine-learning assets to this collaboration enabling a truly end-to-end solution.”

Near term, the companies will demonstrate an autonomous test drive with a highly automated driving (HAD) prototype. In 2017,  the platform will extend to fleets with extended autonomous test drives.

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