BMW selects Glympse app for mobile location sharing

Infotech Lead America: BMW Group has selected Glympse’s mobile app that enables to provide mobile location sharing for drivers with BMW Apps ready vehicles and MINI Connected.

Integration of Glympse real-time location sharing app enables drivers with BMW Apps and MINI Connected can broadcast their location to their friends through Facebook and Twitter, as well as their calendar contacts and their entire contact list.

By incorporating elements like the Glympse Timer and the ability to send an estimated time of arrival (ETA) and destination to calendar event attendees, this implementation has reached a new milestone in mobile location sharing.

It’s a big opportunity for Glympse, a mobile app provider. In 2012, the BMW Group sold about 1.85 million cars and more than 117,000 motorcycles.

Bryan Trussel, CEO and cofounder of Glympse, said: “We are focused on partnering with top-tier companies in industries that benefit from real-time location sharing.”

To access Glympse, BMW drivers will plug in their iPhone and the custom BMW optimized interface shows up on the in-car dash. Drivers can select their contact’s email, attendees of an upcoming calendar event, Facebook or Twitter and, with a touch of the controller, share their location from their car with whomever they choose for a set period of time, from minutes up to four hours.

Recipients can view the sender’s location on a dynamic map in real-time, either on a desktop or mobile device, and they do not need to have the app downloaded to be able to watch their friend’s location.

Phil Johnston, product manager for the BMW Group Apps Platform from the BMW Group Technology Office, said: “With this partnership, we are excited to expand our roster of apps within the BMW Group Application Integration Program.”

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