Blue Sky Networks’ SkyRouter offers connectivity for remotely dispersed mobile assets

Infotech Lead America: Blue Sky Network has showcased its New SkyRouter solution.


Targeted for land mobile, aviation, and marine applications, New SkyRouter offers connectivity for remotely dispersed mobile assets and enables command and control across multiple asset types and deployments.

Blue Sky Network will utilize its HawkEye 5300 dual-mode tracking device, installed in a vehicle, and recently announced New SkyRouter.

It will feature Iridium-satellite and cellular-GSM dual-mode tracking technology, which enables communication with assets from anywhere in the world, particularly in remote areas and locations where cellular coverage can be problematic.


The HawkEye 5300 automatically and seamlessly switches between networks depending on the GSM signal strength. Fleet managers can query the data associated with the asset being tracked via the New SkyRouter through a web portal. The asset can then be displayed on a map with breadcrumbs associated with position reports obtained from the two different networks.

“Demonstration of the New SkyRouter is a testament to our solution and its ability to provide constant connectivity from any location,” said Paul Duran, vice president of marketing and sales.

“We are excited to debut the showcase of this product at the MINExpo as it represents an industry that can truly benefit from the New SkyRouter. With this solution, we are enabling our customers to run fleets more efficiently while increasing overall safety through around-the-clock communication,” Duran added.

Blue Sky Network’s solutions serve the Aviation, Oil and Gas, Government, Forestry, Mining, Supply Chain Management and Intermodal Transportation markets. Founded in 2001, Blue Sky Network is headquartered in La Jolla, California with customers and distributors worldwide.

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