BlackBerry Secure Work Space for iOS and Android to cost $99 per year

BlackBerry said client access licenses (CALs) for the newly launched Secure Work Space will cost $99 per year per device.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is also available as a sixty day free trial bundle that includes 50 EMM Corporate CALs (providing device management for BlackBerry 10, iOS, and Android devices) and 50 Secure Work Space CALs.

BlackBerry’s new security solution separates work and personal apps and data on iOS and Android devices.

Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is a new option with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (version 10.1.1) that offers customers with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.

BlackBerry designed Secure Work Space to meet the management, security and cost needs of the CIO, and the user experience and functionality that employees demand.

Netherlands-based e-office mobile b.v. has trialed Secure Work Space for iOS and Android.

“We’re looking forward to deploying this solution across our organization and to our customers in the coming months and bringing the separation of work and personal data to life on iOS and Android devices,” said Thierry Lammers, director and co-founder, e-office mobile.

Benefits of BlackBerry Secure Work Space

According to Forrester Research, 350 million employees will use smartphones and 200 million will bring their own devices to the workplace in 2016.

On a personal iOS or Android device, users with Secure Work Space get integrated email (with attachment viewing), calendar and contacts for productivity, as well as secure browser access to intranets and document editing capabilities with BlackBerry’s Documents To Go.

The Secure Work Space container is managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, making it easy and convenient to manage all devices from its single console.

“In bring your own device world, Secure Work Space is a differentiated solution that brings key elements of the BlackBerry security platform and mobile device management to iOS and Android devices,” said David J. Smith, EVP, Enterprise Mobile Computing at BlackBerry.

In addition, Secure Work Space solution also enables customers to save considerable effort, administration and expense as they no longer need to configure and manage VPN infrastructures to provide mobile device access to data and apps that reside behind their corporate firewalls.

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