Barclays Bank of Ghana deploys 29 NCR SelfServ 34 ATMs

Infotech Lead India: Barclays Bank of Ghana has deployed 29 NCR SelfServ 34 ATMs featuring deposit, allowing Barclays customers to deposit cash without an envelope and get immediate, on-screen validation of their deposit.

Moreover, the new ATMs will feature in-person bill payment and remittance software that enables customers to pay a bill or send money to friends and family through the speed and security of the ATM and the Barclays brand.

Michael Mensah-Baah, COO, Barclays Bank of Ghana, said: “Through our ATM experience powered by NCR software, we can deliver faster and more convenient service. The Intelligent Cash Deposit feature on our new ATMs already has been popular with our customers, and we anticipate their upcoming access to new ATM services, such as remittance and bill pay, will help us distinguish Barclays as the premier banking institution in Ghana.”

Through NCR’s remittance software, Barclay’s customers can send money to another person’s account in real time, using cash deposited at the ATM. For financial institutions, this software allows them to provide a value-added, fee-based service to typically underserved customers.

Financial institutions in more than 110 countries have purchased NCR SelfServ ATMs.

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