Axis Q29 Series camera indicates temperature of objects

Network video vendor Axis has launched its temperature alarm cameras — AXIS Q29 — for remote monitoring of critical equipment.

The new camera indicates the temperature of objects.

The bullet-style AXIS Q29 Series cameras are designed for remote monitoring of critical equipment, such as bulk storage sites, electrical sub stations or coal piles.

“The main application area for these cameras is to detect intruders, but also to remotely monitor critical equipment, server rooms or storage sites,” said Erik Frannlid, director of Product Management at Axis.

AXIS Q2901-E Temperature Alarm Cameras can be used to monitor equipment’s temperature on a 24/7 basis to eliminate risks of overheating.

AXIS Q29 Series cameras

Users can utilize AXIS Q2901-E and AXIS Q2901-E PT Mount to set up multiple alarm zones, which send an alarm when the temperature reaches above or below a pre-configured threshold. The cameras provide visual aids, such as isothermal palettes and spot temperature capabilities, to predict failures by indicating problem areas.

AXIS Q2901-E PT Mount is an alternative model coming with support for RS485/RS422 serial port, which allows the camera to be easily mounted on a PT motor-head. The pan/tilt support enables a large area to be scanned for critical temperatures.

Axis temperature alarm cameras are mainly used for remote temperature monitoring with the possibility to set temperature alarms, but can also be used for detection, such as perimeter protection. AXIS Q29 Series can withstand harsh weather conditions and the casing offers protection from impact and vandal acts.

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