Axis brings IP camera series with protection against dust and water in vehicular conditions

Network video surveillance vendor Axis Communications today launched a new transportation-focused IP camera series that offers protection against dust and water in vehicular conditions.

The price of AXIS P3904-R (HDTV 720p) is $449, AXIS P3905-R (HDTV 1080p) $549 and AXIS P3915-R (HDTV 1080p, audio, I/O ports) $599.

AXIS P39-R Network Camera series offers protection against dust and water with the ability to withstand vehicular conditions such as vibrations, shocks, bumps and temperature variations.

The company said AXIS P39-R Series also features an active tampering alarm function that allows for the detection of tampering attempts such as blocking or spray-painting the camera.

AXIS P39-R Network Camera series

AXIS P39-R Series is the third generation of ruggedized cameras designed for onboard environment. For customers, who want to upgrade to this latest version, AXIS P39-R Series shares the same physical interface as AXIS M31-R cameras.

The cameras are adapted to respond to changes in light levels, ensuring that high image quality and image usability is maintained. The use of progressive scan enables the cameras to show moving objects without distortion. Traffic Light mode helps to better distinguish colors of traffic lights in dark scenes, said the company in a statement.

The AXIS P39-R Series includes AXIS P3904-R network camera with HDTV 720p resolution, AXIS P3905-R with HDTV 1080p resolution and AXIS P3915-R with HDTV 1080p resolution as well as audio-in and I/O capabilities. Each model is available with either a male RJ45 connector or a rugged M12 connector.