Avaya signs SDN deal with Tianjin Hospital

Avaya announced its SDN deal with the Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University that has 1,000 hospital beds and treats an average of 3,200 outpatients per day.

As per the deal, Avaya will supply SDN Fx technologies to build its network platform – enabling the operation of the network easier, and facilitating fast deployment of new medical applications to enhance its services to patients.

Avaya SDN Fx technologies will support the hospital in the large metropolitan Tianjin city to support new technologies such as cloud, virtualization and Internet of Things (IoT) by laying the foundation for quickly deploy next-generation medical applications.

“Avaya SDN Fx meets our demands for reliability, management and configuration. We can also deploy new applications on demand, such as mobile ward-round, without any concern that this would impact our business operation,” said Zhi Xiang, IT director of Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University.
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Avaya Fabric Connect enables the hospital to achieve virtualization of its network infrastructure with capability of self-management. IT heads can fix the failovers of any network equipment in nearly 200 milliseconds, reducing impacts to hospital operations.

The new network architecture enables the hospital to deploy and modify services in a few minutes at any time on demand. The Chinese hospital can manage Internet of Things devices better as Avaya Networking Adapter (ONA) provides a plug-n-play network connection for any device. The hospital will need to connect the device at the edge of the network, without making changes at the core to add IoT devices in a secure way.

The Avaya solutions that the hospital has deployed include Avaya ERS8800, ERS4800 and VSP7000 Ethernet Switches, as well Avaya WLAN9100 for mobile coverage.

“With SDN Fx, the Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University is making a significant step to update its operations with an eye to the future. With network automation, wired and wireless integration and connect anything, anywhere simplicity, Avaya SDN Fx is an ideal choice for hospital customers,” said Priyadarshi Mohapatra, managing director of India and SAARC, Avaya.

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