Avaya signs SDN deal with Steel ORCA for data center

Avaya announced its SDN deal with Steel ORCA, a provider of colocation, managed services and cloud solutions.

Steel ORCA will utilize Avaya Fabric Connect to standardize its data center architecture. Steel ORCA’s Digital Utility Center in the U.S. will be rolling out the complete Avaya SDN Fx architecture later this year.

Avaya SDN Fx will allow Steel ORCA to add new customers and application services as their business grows.
Steel ORCA chose to implement the mesh technology of Avaya Fabric Connect over a traditional box-by-box architecture. Multi-tenancy capabilities within Avaya Fabric Connect will help the company provide more secure, segmented networks within their data center operations, and extend an increased level of digital security for customers.

“Avaya SDN Fx and Avaya Fabric Connect technologies simplify network administration for us — which is critical in a demanding co-location and cloud computing environment — improve network resiliency and security for our clients, and reduce operating costs. We think that’s a pretty powerful combination,” said Richard Craig, CTO of Steel ORCA.

“By using Avaya’s SDN Fx architecture with Fabric Connect, Steel ORCA breaks the mold to offer value, speed and resiliency to customers via their best-in-class, next-generation data center architecture,” said Jean Turgeon, chief technology architect, SDN, Avaya.

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