How Avaya SDN Fx network connects Hillsong Church members across Australia?


Avaya shared how its SDN Fx network architecture helped Australia’s Hillsong Church to enable its nationwide campuses to deliver high-quality services to all major locations.

Following numerous outages and dropouts with its legacy network, Hillsong looked for a new way to improve the experience it delivers to 45,000 people every week.

Research, workshops and assistance from Avaya Platinum Partner, AGC Networks, led the organization to Avaya SDN Fx networking architecture.

As a result, the network delivers a fully virtualized network that enables reliable delivery of highly-secure digital services, including broadcasts, video surveillance, IP telephony and administration systems, and carrier grade feature sets, such as providing transit services for its own internet backbone.

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Hillsong can now make changes to and additions of services in the network through quick provisioning without interrupting day-to-day operations.

According to Avaya, IT can set-up a new IP-based multicast virtual network to support a temporary video feed in minutes, rather than being forced to schedule broadcasts far in advance.

Furthermore, it helps to create interactive sessions between multiple sites simultaneously. With video on demand, there is no need for complex set-up procedures, allowing members at the nation-wide locations to connect at any time without being restricted by technology or geography.

Ricki Cook, Creative Technology, Hillsong Church, acknowledges that using Avaya SDN Fx, the church now able to provide reliable multicast video to 45,000 people each week right across Australia.

“With on-demand access to real-time streams from all our sites, the regional campuses can stay connected, and our wider community stays engaged,” Cook added.

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