Avaya assists McConnell Air Force Base to modernize network

Avaya in a trade event
McConnell Air Force Base has adopted Avaya Fabric Connect technologies to modernize its network infrastructure that supports 6,000 users.

The new Avaya architecture will improve protection against cyber attacks. The McConnell network will be invisible to scanning techniques used to uncover network topologies and develop a plan of attack.

McConnell can now extend services to new facilities, including the hangers being built to house 36 new KC-46 aircraft. Network administrators can add services without making changes at the network core — allowing them to accomplish in minutes what previously would have taken many weeks of effort.

This simplicity allowed McConnell’s IT team to perform the cutover to the Avaya new platform after only a few hours of training and will be a critical asset during periodic staff rotations.

Avaya Fabric Connect reconfigures itself automatically in response to network traffic and changing conditions, which reduces day-to-day operations and maintenance demands, improves load-sharing and increases availability.

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