AT&T mobile app makes real-time documentation possible

Infotech Lead America:  AT&T is introducing pdvConnect, a set of cloud-based mobile apps that helps enterprises to document events in near real-time by speaking, taking photos and sharing location information at the point of service.

pdvConnect from AT&T allows employees to perform voice-based reporting with photo documentation, enabling faster and more coordinated responses to issues and requests from their dispatchers and call centers.

AT&T says pdvConnect’s field documentation feature empowers field employees to send change orders, parts requests or status updates by simply speaking and taking photos of the completed work with a time and location stamp.

The field worker no longer needs to wait on hold and he could serve more customers in the time saved. Back-office dispatchers using the pdvConnect Intelligent Queuing feature can manage the message without disruption and can attend to the most urgent calls first, helping to increase customer satisfaction and responsiveness.

The Web-based Command Center Console is a feature of the app that allows dispatch and call center personnel to manage communications, including archiving for future reference, viewing workers’ status, tracking location, and accessing detailed reporting and key performance indicators.

Field Voice Documentation makes it possible to send status and issue updates from the field without having to wait on hold for a busy dispatcher, saving time to help service more customers. pdvConnect’s Intelligent Queuing helps dispatchers triage and prioritize customer requests by tracking the status and locations of field workers through an interactive map, allowing for faster response times to the most urgent needs in the field.

Voice Reply pdvConnect Text Messaging  can be used to voice reply to text messages received from the office, improving safety while on the road.

These apps are available for use on virtually every AT&T mobile device. They  bring efficiency, management, and speedy information flow to businesses in retail, transportation, manufacturing and utilities and benefits businesses that employ large field teams as part of their operations.

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