Asia Pacific enterprises set for major digital transformation

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Enterprises in the Asia Pacific region are poised to see major digital transformation next year as they strive to improve a host of key tech and non-tech functions, said Adrian De Luca, chief technology officer of Hitachi Data Systems.

Speaking on the sidelines of the release of Hitachi’s Business and Technology Predictions for the region, De Luca opined that digital transformation is fast becoming an organizational issue.

“It is no longer just CIOs who are championing the need for digital change, but leaders across all business functions.”

He also listed out digital transformation, smart cities, cross modal IT, multicloud, and skills shortages as the five key trends next year.

With regard to the smart city movement in the region, Hitachi said, few governments have the experience or the financial means to build and run these initiatives on their own. Instead, they are partnering with major industry players who are investing deeply in the Internet of Things (IoT).

More clearly, smart companies will act as the catalysts for making smart cities a reality, as governments open the door through initiatives like Digital India, Smart Nation Singapore, and Digital China.

Another notable prediction for the region was regarding the technology employment market in 2016. De Luca said skill shortage will spark a talent pursuit in the coming year.

According to him, appealing to the interests of the best young talent while investing in increasing the productivity of existing employees will be critical to bridging the gap over the long run.

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