Aruba powers Ensign Services WLAN connectivity

Ensign Services is using Aruba’s controller-based WLAN and Aruba Instant controller-less solutions to offer wireless connectivity across more than 130 operating locations.

A provider of back office services to operating subsidiaries of Ensign Group, Ensign Services’ new IT initiative will benefit Ensign’s nursing facilities, assisted living communities, hospice companies, home health businesses and urgent care clinics in 11 states

Ensign Services evaluated solutions from Cisco and Aerohive, before selecting Aruba.

To date, Ensign has installed 100 Aruba mobility controllers and 800 Aruba 135 and 105 Series access points in its clients’ skilled nursing facilities and 50 Aruba Instant access points in its homecare and urgent care businesses.

Ryan Rushton, director of IT for Ensign Services, Aruba, said: “Aruba sales engineers spent countless hours with us after our purchase, helping us correctly architect and configure our network, ensuring the most reliable and secure wireless deployment possible to meet our needs.”

Ensign deployed two separate networks – one that delivers access for patients and guests and the other for internal use by employees.

Ensign uses Aruba controllers at each of the company’s client skilled nursing facilities so that they can physically, rather than just virtually, separate the two networks.

Internally, the wireless network has improved productivity and patient service delivery for care staff.

The patient/guest wireless network has proved to be popular and most of Ensign’s clients advertise the availability of their guest Wi-Fi network.

Forty percent of patients/residents are now using the network, with more than 5,500 unique devices logging on each day.

Ensign’s initial pilot deployment covered one of its client skilled nursing facilities and its Service Center, but as the company recognized the power and potential of the network, they quickly rolled out wireless to 60 of its client facilities, and is continuing to deploy across its client base.

The organization has made the Aruba WLAN a standard install for all clients, and since Ensign Services is in solid growth mode, it is acquiring new client facilities almost monthly.


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