Artificial intelligence takes center stage at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd at OpenWorld 2017Business technology major Oracle made several announcements – focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) — at the Oracle OpenWorld 2017 in the U.S.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd’s key predictions for 2025

# 100 percent of application development and testing will be conducted in the cloud

# 80 percent of production apps will be in the cloud

# 80 percent of IT budgets will be spent on cloud services

# 80 percent of IT budgets will be spent on business innovation, and only 20 percent on system maintenance

# All enterprise data will be stored in the cloud

# Enterprise clouds will be the most secure place for IT processing

Oracle Application Development Platform

Oracle said advancements to Oracle Application Development Platform offer an open, standards-based approach to enabling developers to build, deploy and manage modern applications using a wide variety of tools, programming languages, infrastructures and databases.

Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform, Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service, Blockchain Cloud Service, server-less capabilities, expanded polyglot support, and an intelligent chatbot platform are the new advancements.

Oracle is also planning to bring serverless capabilities to its Oracle Application Development Platform based on Fn, a serverless developer project that Oracle open-sourced.
Oracle CTO Larry Ellison at OpenWorld 2017Developers using Oracle Cloud Platform can build and run applications by writing code, without provisioning, scaling or managing servers, allowing them to focus on delivering value and new services. Fn is open source-based and able to run across multiple clouds, further reducing risk of vendor lock-in.

Developers using Cloud Foundry can build directly on the Cloud Foundry platform on Oracle Cloud. Oracle has released an Open Service Broker implementation that supports integration of Oracle Cloud Platform Services into Cloud Foundry workloads.

Additionally, Oracle has open sourced the BOSH Cloud Provider Interface, which enables workloads from software like Cloud Foundry to be deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and is targeting general availability for later this year.

Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service

Oracle’s AI Platform Cloud Service help developers create and deploy enterprise AI services. Using the new cloud service, organizations can take advantage of deep learning to understand enterprise data and transform corporate business processes and user experiences.

Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure optimized for performance and price-performance to run specialized deep learning applications. The differentiated infrastructure layer includes NVMe flash storage and GPUs on a 25 Gigabit network for extreme performance.

Oracle performed 2X more than Microsoft Azure’s largest GPU instance and demonstrated 2.4X better price-performance than the closest AWS equivalent.

Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service includes a GPU Bare-Metal Shape: 2x Tesla P100 GPUs based on Nvidia’s Pascal Architecture, and will soon support the new Volta GPUs with up to 8 GPUs.

Oracle announced artificial intelligence-based apps for finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, commerce, customer service, marketing, and sales professionals. The new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps are built into the existing Oracle Cloud Applications to deliver powerful AI-based modern business applications.

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service, the distributed ledger cloud platform helps customers increase business velocity, create new revenue streams, and reduce cost and risk by securely extending ERP, supply chain, and other enterprise SaaS and on-premises applications to drive tamper-resistant transactions on a trusted business network.

Oracle Mobile Cloud

Oracle’s Mobile Cloud features artificial intelligence (AI)-powered intelligent chatbot capabilities. The new capabilities offer organizations a multi-channel platform, deep analytics that can link key stakeholder experiences across bots, mobile applications and web, as well as simplified bot development features.

Oracle has agreed to embed CHATBOX Instant Apps in Oracle Mobile Cloud. Oracle Mobile Cloud will now provide a richer, more-contextual user experience, which enables chatbots to switch seamlessly between unstructured conversation and personalized, structured data exchange.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud solution for finance, procurement and project management professionals, features new artificial intelligence (AI)-based finance and procurement solutions.

Oracle ERP Cloud has more than 4,500 customers in 85 countries.

The latest release of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud has three new applications, major user experience enhancements, and extensions to existing HR modules. New innovations include powerful artificial intelligence (AI)-based recruiting features, as well as new health and safety and governance and risk capabilities.

Oracle CX

Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite features new innovations that connect data, experiences and insights. The latest enhancements include artificial intelligence capabilities for commerce, marketing, sales, and service professionals. The latest release also includes innovations in commerce, customer service, and behavioral data, as well as an intuitive new user experience.

Oracle also launched the first digital data offering to assist B2B channel marketers connect with indirect sellers, value-added resellers, and distributors.

The new Oracle Data Cloud digital channel solution enables tech companies and other channel marketers to personalize their communications about programs, investments, and incentives for channel partners, increasing partner engagement and effectiveness.

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