Array Networks winning strategies for 2014; hopes for 2015

Array Networks provides Application Delivery Networking solutions powered by its SpeedCore software. In a recent interaction with InfotechLead, Shibu Paul, regional sales director, India, ME and SEA, shared the company’s success strategies for 2014 and the way forward in 2015.

Major Trends in 2014

According to Paul, many of the emerging technologies are having a powerful impact on the businesses. The immediate increase in the adoption of cloud technologies has enabled IT industries to decline the use of hardware properties and at present is steadily gaining momentum in order to deliver tremendous scalability and agility to enterprises. Organizations have widely accepted SMAC (Social Media, Analytics & Cloud) as the next platform of change and large enterprises have started to implement the SMAC technology.

SMAC is expected to be a key enabler for IT growth in the networking sector. New technology trend in banking is enabling end to end solutions for better connectivity and the availability of services at remote locations. Devices present at remote locations are capable of reaching out and are able to deliver services to areas previously working on traditional banking network. Furthermore, when demands on existing IT infrastructure grow each year, IT sector need to optimize the IT infrastructure so that it can be more consolidated and flexible.

Nowadays, SaaS and IaaS are growing dramatically and companies are continuously moving towards it as they offer solutions and applications like CRM to enterprises.

Shibu Paul, country manager – IN, ME and ASEAN at Array Networks

Array Networks’ focus areas and strategies in 2014

Array Networks’ focus for 2014 was majorly on local OEMs to build strong relationships and uniquely prepare to meet the challenges; this really helped the company as well as our partners, Paul said. Some of the technology and operational areas were ADN, cloud services, SSL etc. The strategies were based on solutions and services which continued to expand with new add-on services. As organizations grow, they need to move their operations to the cloud. To guarantee the performance in this environment, developing skills around Iaas and SaaS is necessary. Array Networks was able to support clients with these skills.

The markets are usually competitive; focusing on niche verticals or particular functional areas was one of the most successful strategies. Array is highly focused on selling the solutions in vertical market. Deep engagement with application vendors, cloud service providers helped us to deliver the new IT solutions and to achieve business benefits from the organizations, Paul said.

How Array Networks won customers in 2014

Commenting on the strategies adopted by the company to win customers in 2014, Paul said: For vendors, growth indicates an opportunity to reach, understand and connect with their customers to offer services. Connecting in this way will help us to develop and focus on few high growth verticals where we can achieve more strategies to win customers.

We follow application driven approach – Working closely with application vendors and helping them to improve performance of applications using Array’s technology. With this, our customers can have secure applications with improved application experience. We have signed up partnerships with leading SI’s that will bring tremendous value to our clients, creating richer and more engaging experiences seamlessly across channels.

In 2014, the company has accomplished and crossed 300 customer marks in India ranging from IT, BSFI to ITeS. It has built networks across the nation to help clients address the problems related to application delivery to end users. Paul said the company’s SSL acceleration, secure access and cloud service delivery have played a significant role in the success and growth of the company.

In 2014, the company has experienced double digit growth, Paul added. In their pursuit to expand business in India, Array Networks has targeted to cover all Tier 1 cities directly and 16 more cities indirectly. Recently the company also came up with eCloud Plug-In for VMware vCenter Orchestrator (VCO).

Good and bad moments in 2014

In 2014, the market witnessed both good and moments. While decision paralysis and complete halt of eGov projects in the pre-election period distressed the industry, the stable government at the Center in May gave new hopes. Following this, the industry picked up growth momentum and saw increased investment interests.

Trends to watch in 2015

We all have to look ahead to the new and emerging technology trends that are making huge impact in IT organizations. Businesses will see new growth opportunities, as SMAC will drive innovation and gain emphasis within organizations. Basically, SMAC will be an essential tool in 2015 which will increase business efficiency. PM’s Jan Dhan Yojana aims to connect over seven crore people including those present in remote locations by providing them bank accounts. This will in-turn throw up connectivity-related challenges that needs to be addressed. ADC solutions and remote access as a service will meet the challenges of remote connectivity.

New strategies for 2015

In 2015, Array will focus on the following, according to Paul.

# Creating solutions around IaaS, SaaS

# Deep engagement with local application vendors and cloud providers

# Extend their reach to Tier 2 cities

# Enhance the company’s vertical focus to include few high growth verticals

# White-labelling with complementing solutions

Array’s expansion and investment plans in 2015

The company expects to launch a few new solutions for India market and offer value-added services to enterprises so that they can deal with the emerging technologies. Array will uplift strengths by adding new sales and support team. Moreover, our ability to provide customized solutions for our channel partners and customers will help us sustain the growth factor in business, Paul said.

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