Arkadin announces Web conferencing and collaboration app for iPad

Infotech Lead America: Arkadin, a provider of collaboration services, has announced iPadApp for ArkadinAnywhere, the company’s flagship online Web conferencing solution for easy remote collaboration and virtual presentation.

ArkadinAnywhere performs like a virtual meeting dashboard, enabling users to easily start and manage the audio and Web portions of meetings from their iPads.

“The acceleration of mobile work-styles and the rapid adoption of iPads and other mobility devices make it essential to equip workforces with an efficient way to collaborate on the go,” said Stephane Seigneurin, vice president of product management for Arkadin.

“Our new app connects the intuitive user-friendly design and navigation of the iPad, with a version of ArkadinAnywhere that is fully optimized for the iPad platform,” Seigneurin added. “This combination ensures meetings are effortless and of the highest quality.”

iPad App for ArkadinAnywhere features an intuitive experience allowing users to install the app and log into conferences within two minutes and enjoy the simple iPad navigation functionality for fast access to all ArkadinAnywhere features.

Participants can have access to all standard ArkadinAnywhere functionality. Moderators can easily start, share and manage sessions plus give attendees remote control of presentations. Chat boxes enable instant public or private communication between all attendees.

The comprehensive control dashboard has easy features for supervising participants collectively or separately. Mute, disconnect, restrict and lock access ensure highly secure meetings, and audio recordings keep track of content.

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