Arizona’s Maricopa County migrates to Dell storage and servers from EMC

Infotech Lead America: Arizona’s Maricopa County has migrated to Dell storage and servers from EMC.

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office has leveraged its Dell infrastructure to enable citizens to search more than 150 million documents. The Optical Character Recognition technology used for the searches runs 40 percent faster on Dell technology.

The site receives more than three million hits and 60,000 documents are purchased every day.

The county reduced processing time by 75 percent.

The Recorder’s Office estimates its migration to Dell saved $290,000 in projected upgrade cost avoidance from licensing savings, $135,000 in drive space saved through thin provisioning and $90,000 worth of additional drive space reclaimed due to automated storage tiering.

“I can provision storage for a server in 30 percent less time with Dell Compellent,” said Rich Adams, IT operations manager at the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office. “Overall, I spend about 30 percent less time on storage administration, giving me more time for other, more valuable projects.”

The county estimates that more than 200,000 driving miles have been saved to date because constituents no longer have to travel to the office to file documents in person.

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