Arista Networks targets $1.65 bn revenue with 64% margin

Arista Networks has reported revenue of $1.57 billion, an increase of 16.3 percent from the first quarter of 2023, and an increase of 2 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2023.

Arista Networks said services and software support renewals contributed strongly at 16.9 percent of revenue, down from 17 percent in Q4. International revenues for the quarter came in at $316 million or 20.1 percent of total revenue, down from 22.3 percent in the last quarter.
Arista vs Cisco share in data center switch market Q4 2023This market share chart from Crehan Research shows gains of Arista Networks vs Cisco in the high speed data center switching market in Q4 2023. Arista Networks has 29.9 percent share in the high speed data center switching market revenue in 2023 as compared with Cisco’s 34.3 percent. Arista Networks has 27.2 percent share in terms of ports in the high speed data center switching market in 2023 as compared with Cisco’s 28.1 percent.

Arista Networks, which gives more focus on innovation, has completed 6 major releases and 600 features in 2023. Arista Networks has maintained single EOS codebase and commitment to quality across multiple silicon architectures.

Arista Networks, the founding member of Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC), has introduced 54 new platforms including AI networking, 800G optics, low latency, and new WAN routing systems,

Arista Networks has completed the expansion of Arista ZTN (Zero Trust Networking) with AI-driven network identity – Arista Guardian for Network identity (AGNI).

This market share chart from Crehan Research shows Arista’s market leadership in 100G/200G/400G.
Arista vs Cisco share in 100 G, 200 G, 400 G“Arista is off to a strong start to 2024 with solid first quarter results,” said Jayshree Ullal, Chairperson and CEO of Arista Networks. “As we get ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our IPO in June, I am pleased with our progress in the Arista 2.0 journey as seen in breakthrough innovations, customer traction and building our next generation leaders.”

Arista Networks has also revealed the resignation of Anshul Sadana — Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer.

Arista announced CloudVision Universal Network ObservabilityTM (CV UNOTM), a modern network observability software offering merging network infrastructure performance and data from compute and server systems-of-record to deliver keen insights into application and workload performance across data center, campus, and wide area networks.

Arista is also delivering both optimal Networking for AI platforms and AI for networking outcomes. AI Etherlink platforms deliver high performance, low latency, fully scheduled, lossless networking as the new unit of currency for AI networks. At the same time AI for networking drives positive outcomes such as security, root cause analysis and observability through AVA.

Arista Networks expects revenue between $1.62 billion to $1.65 billion with gross margin of 64 percent; and operating margin of 44 percent for the second quarter of 2024.

Baburajan Kizhakedath

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