ANZ Bank New Zealand taps NCR for teller cash recycler

Infotech Lead Asia: ANZ Bank New Zealand has tapped NCR Corp. for deploying NCR’s teller cash recycler (TCR).

ANZ’s newest branch in Wellington has already deployed the NCR Cash Recycler 11, NCR said in a statement.

NCR claims that Cash Recycler 11 quickly accepts and dispenses cash for teller staff, allowing them to focus their attention on the customer rather than counting bank notes.

By securing all deposited notes in its safe, cash drawers and loose cash are eliminated from the teller counter, improving security.

“The NCR Cash Recycler is enabling us to make our branches even more open, welcoming and friendly, where our staff can shake our customers’ hands and have meaningful face-to-face conversations,” said Lynne Sutherland, ANZ General Manager Retail Central Region.

NCR’s recycler can cut transaction times for cash withdrawals by up to 50 percent and allow tellers to focus on customer service and offering advice rather than bill counting.

At ANZ the NCR Cash Recycler 11 will run on NCR APTRA Cash Connect, advanced software to significantly reduce the risk of accepting and distributing counterfeit banknotes.


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