American Red Cross and Dell join hands to connect people during disaster

The American Red Cross and Dell joined hands to connect with people during disasters with a new Digital Operations Center.
The new project will also show how to use social data to engage Red Cross blood donors.
The Red Cross launched its first national Digital Operation Center in partnership with Dell in March 2012.
The new center launched is the third Digital Operations Center in San Jose which will provide another location for additional social monitoring particularly during large regional disasters.
Dell Grand and Dell Digital Business Services will help Red Cross optimize their social presence to attract new blood donors.
The existing blood donors can also expand their relationship with the Red Cross and blood drives can be encourage with the new Dell Grant and Dell Digital Business Services.
Volunteers can provide social data for regional responses by working with their emergency manager partners.
The social conversation helps Red Cross to connect more people with resources during an emergency and to anticipate disaster needs.
Dell has donated more than $1.3 million to support Red Cross disaster relief and social media efforts over the period of 20 years.
Dell employees gave a total combined contribution of over $266,000 globally to disaster relief and recorded 7,500 hours of volunteer time between 2010 to 2014.
The latest grant from Dell is also helping the Red Cross expand its Digital Business Services to provide social medialistening tools, engagement services, and enhancements to the existing blood donor engagement process.
Dell Digital Business Services helps to create a social media care channel that provides earlier insight into potential challenges.
“The relationship between Dell and the Red Cross has been critical in helping the Red Cross use social media to carry out its disaster response mission,” said Suzy DeFrancis, chief public affairs officer, American Red Cross.