AMD Radeon PRO W6000 series workstation graphics launched

AMD announced the launch of AMD Radeon PRO W6000 series workstation graphics aimed at delivering exceptional performance, stability and reliability for professional users.
AMD Radeon PRO W600 workstation graphics
AMD said the graphics products are designed and optimized to power demanding architectural design workloads, ultra-high resolution media projects, complex design and engineering simulations, along with advanced image and video editing applications.

The new product line — built on AMD RDNA 2 architecture — features the AMD Radeon PRO W6800, the fastest AMD RDNA workstation graphics card ever. It delivers up to 79 per cent faster performance than the previous generation.

“AMD RDNA 2 was designed from the ground up to deliver world-class performance for a wide range of applications and workloads,” AMD’s Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Business Unit, Scott Herkelman said.

It also includes the AMD Radeon PRO W6600 graphics card, meticulously engineered for ultra-high performance workflows, and the AMD Radeon PRO W6600M GPU, designed to power professional mobile workstations.

AMD said the enhanced Compute Units (CU) with Ray Accelerators offer up to 46 percent faster rendering than Radeon PRO graphics cards based on previous-generation architectures in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2021.