AMD Launches Alveo UL3524 Accelerator Card for Fintech Market

In a major announcement, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has unveiled the AMD Alveo UL3524 accelerator card, a revolutionary fintech accelerator specifically engineered for electronic trading applications, targeting trading firms worldwide.
AMD Alveo UL3524 accelerator cardThe Alveo UL3524 is set to provide traders, market makers, hedge funds, brokerages, and exchanges with a cutting-edge FPGA platform, enabling electronic trading at nanosecond (ns) speeds, a significant advancement in the industry.

Key Features of the Alveo UL3524 Accelerator Card:

Latency Improvement: The Alveo UL3524 boasts a remarkable 7X latency improvement over prior generation FPGA technology, achieving less than 3ns FPGA transceiver latency for accelerated trade execution, AMD said.

Custom FPGA Technology: Powered by a custom 16nm Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA, it features a novel transceiver architecture with optimized network connectivity cores, enhancing performance significantly.

Hardware Flexibility and Low Latency Networking: By combining hardware flexibility with ultra-low latency networking on a production platform, the Alveo UL3524 accelerates design closure and deployment compared to traditional FPGA alternatives.

Ultra-Low Latency Transceivers and Compute Power: The Alveo UL3524 features 64 ultra-low latency transceivers, 780K LUTs of FPGA fabric, and 1,680 DSP slices of compute to accelerate custom trading algorithms in hardware.

Support and Development Resources: The product comes with a suite of reference designs and performance benchmarks that enable FPGA designers to swiftly explore key metrics and develop custom trading strategies to specification, supported by global expertise from AMD domain experts.

AI Integration with FINN Development Framework: AMD is facilitating AI adoption in the algorithmic trading market by providing developers with the open-sourced FINN development framework, utilizing PyTorch and neural network quantization techniques.

Industry Partnerships and Solutions:

AMD’s strategic partners, including Alpha Data, Exegy, and Hypertec, are already leveraging the Alveo UL3524 and purpose-built FPGA technology to build custom solutions and infrastructure for the fintech market.

Alpha Data’s ADA-R9100 Rack-Mount Appliance: Powered by the AMD Virtex UltraScale+ VU2P FPGA, Alpha Data’s ADA-R9100 enables customers to access the full potential of the new AMD FPGA device, revolutionizing ultra-low latency trading and networking.

Exegy’s nxFramework: Exegy’s nxFramework, a software and hardware development environment, supports the Alveo UL3524 card, offering comprehensive solutions tailored for ultra-low latency FPGA applications within the financial industry.

Hypertec’s ORION HF X410R-G6 High Frequency Server: Hypertec has optimized its ORION HF X410R-G6 High Frequency Server for the Alveo UL3524, incorporating a custom cooling system in a compact 1U server form factor, catering to the most demanding low-latency tasks.


The AMD Alveo UL3524 accelerator card is currently in production and being shipped to global financial services customers, marking a significant leap forward in the fintech industry.