ALE, NEC to demo joint solutions at Interop Las Vegas 2015

ALE, with its Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions, and NEC will be demonstrating capabilities for operating, managing and automating networks via Software Defined Networking (SDN) as joint participants at Interop Las Vegas 2015.

InteropNet SDN Lab is designed as an educational resource for the IT community to demonstrate features, functions, and principles of SDN. Resources will come together to test Software-Defined Networking systems and applications using both open source tools and vendor hardware and software.


The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise/NEC solution will demonstrate the concepts:

# Networks that adjust to changing workloads and conditions;

# Using SDN to initiate traffic engineering functions such as selectively routing around problem spots, sending traffic to monitoring devices, or routing to multiple Cloud providers based on dynamic network conditions;

# Automated integration between applications and network resources using APIs and controllers.

The NEC-ALE joint solution provides mid-to-large enterprises a network fabric where services can be easily deployed, migrated and extended providing agility and operational efficiencies. In addition, the fabric understands application needs and dynamically optimizes itself providing a quality user experience.

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