Alcatel-Lucent Unified Access with Aruba Networks targets enterprises

Alcatel-Lucent on Wednesday launched its Unified Access approach for both wired and wireless networks.

Telecom operators – who have strong enterprise focus – such as Bharti Airtel, China Mobile, AT&T, Verizon will benefit from Alcatel-Lucent’s improved enterprise solutions.

“We knew that the current wave of BYOD and mobility would bring new challenges that needed a holistic solution.  Unified Access is our answer to these challenges. We have architected Unified Access to not only solve these challenges but simplify adoption,” said Michel Emelianoff, president, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

 Michel Emelianoff, president, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent claims that the new Unified Access is the first converged wired and wireless solution to address networking challenges, management complexity and offer a consistent user experience. It includes BYOD (bring your own device) services that enables employees and customers to use corporate or personal, wired or wireless devices on the enterprise network.

Unified Access can be implemented via software upgrades without replacing existing equipment, providing a gradual approach to evolving the network and maximizing investment. IT managers can also define appropriate security and quality of service (QoS) policies enabling the network to adjust to the communication context, taking into consideration priorities and bandwidth criteria for user, device, application, location and time of day.

To drive adoption of Unified Access, Alcatel-Lucent is working Aruba Networks to offer BYOD services as part of the unified and open-campus network solutions.

“Aruba has long embraced a vision of the open intelligent campus, and I’m delighted that we have a like-minded partner in Alcatel-Lucent.  Their Unified Access strategy combines the best of both of our technologies, and delivers a unified platform to customers that solves today’s IT challenges,” said Dominic Orr, CEO and President of Aruba Networks.

Abilene Christian University (ACU), based in Abilene, Texas, says the Unified Access and Aruba ClearPass technology enables ACU to bring all products under one view and provide a stronger platform to deliver innovative capabilities for students in the near future.

“We built a network that protects students and also gives them a consistent experience that meets the expectations of their digital lives,” said Kevin Roberts, Abilene Christian University CIO. “At ACU we focused on providing critical learning opportunities for our students, and offering the latest in technology helps make this real.”

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