Akamai Technologies reveals IoT strategy

Akamai for IoTAkamai Technologies has revealed its IoT (Internet of Things) strategy assisting customers to avoid the capital expenditure and operational cost to build global network capable of connecting devices.

Akamai Technologies said its Over the Air (OTA) solution for the IoT segment meets the demands of automobile manufacturers’ and automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs) connected vehicle initiatives.

The OTA solution from Akamai offers the ability to deliver firmware, navigation and infotainment updates to connected vehicles over Wi-Fi or cellular, eliminating the need for costly physical visits to automotive service centers.

Akamai said remote software downloads and data capture reduce the costs associated with “truck rolls” and/or service center visits.

Edge IP-Binding of the OTA solution enables updates from a configurable set of IP addresses in order to adhere to the data-locality rules of various jurisdictions and the zero-rating agreements that auto manufacturers might have with their chosen telecommunications providers.

Secure delivery of updates using a flexible SSL/TLS program that also supports customers using their own client certificates.

Advanced dashboards to efficiently track the delivery of updates by individual vehicle, thus allowing auto manufacturers to review campaign progress and confirm downloads.

Harman, a provider of connected car solutions to automakers, is benefitting from Akamai’s IoT solutions.

“Working with Akamai gives us the confidence that we’re delivering the best-connected car experience to our customers, and ultimately our customers’ drivers,” said Oren Betzaleli, vice president and general manager, Harman Connected Services.

“Akamai pioneered cloud-based security for web sites, applications and the transmission of data via the Web. Now, we’re taking that experience and expertise and giving our customers the power to securely exchange data with any connected device, anywhere across the globe,” said Ash Kulkarni, senior vice president and general manager, Web Performance and Security, Akamai.

At its Akamai EDGE 2017 customer conference, taking place October 11-13 in Las Vegas, Akamai Technologies also announced significant product innovations to enable customers adopting DevOps release cycles.

Akamai Technologies also outlined how its solution set is designed to help its customers achieve a long-evasive goal: predictable delivery of high-quality online video to broadcast-scale audiences with highly sustainable economics.

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