AirTight Networks launches cloud managed 802.11n Wi-Fi access solution

Infotech Lead America: AirTight Networks has launched its cloud managed enterprise-class 802.11n Wi-Fi access solution.

The wireless security solutions provider claims that the new C60 platform eliminates the security gaps inherent in all Wi-Fi access products at a cost 30 percent below that of any enterprise-grade 3X3 802.11n solution on the market today.

Users will benefit as AirTight Networks is offering flexible pricing options. Pricing is available as full Capex, full Opex (bundled) cloud service, or a hybrid (unbundled) cloud service.

AirTight’s dual-radio C60 AP platform can operate as a Wi-Fi access point (AP) and a dedicated WIPS sensor at the same time for full time threat detection and prevention.

As part of this launch, AirTight also introduced a fully customizable HTML5 user interface, giving network administrators a blank canvas to create the optimal WLAN management console for their individual business requirements. See separate press release issued today.

“With AirTight, cost and security are not mutually exclusive. AirTight is now providing distributed enterprises with a WLAN plus WIPS solution that can easily scale to tens of thousands of APs, can be managed in the cloud and deployed cost effectively,” said David King, chairman and CEO of AirTight.

“Providing a high-performance software configurable AP with embedded security creates a new paradigm for deploying enterprise-class Wi-Fi.  AirTight pioneered wireless intrusion prevention and PCI compliance scanning in the cloud and providing both APs and full WIPS security concurrently in this new platform is a natural progression of that leadership,” King added.

The C-60 Platform will be GA in September with U.S. pricing starting at $795. The HTML5 UI is available now.

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