Aerohive launches cloud management platform

Aerohive Networks has launched HiveManager Next Generation cloud management platform for mobile first organizations.

The new platform is ideal for education customers because of its onboarding, streamlined user experience and simplified troubleshooting.

AP130, combination of HiveManager Next Generation (NG) with Aerohive’s new 802.11ac access points delivers a complete mobility solution.

With the AP130, organizations can now upgrade their wireless networks to 802.11ac without having to upgrade existing Power over Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure.

This next-generation cloud platform centralizes the management, provisioning, and monitoring of mobility networks, without sacrificing the distributed intelligence located at the edge of the network within each Aerohive device.

Aerohive Networks offers

HiveManager NG can scale from a small, basic network to cover a larger, complex network with seamless upgradeability and simplicity. A customer can deploy and configure an entire enterprise class network in less than 15 minutes with HiveManager NG.

Automatic discovery and diagnoses of client issues is done using helpdesk-optimized troubleshooting console. Schools can deploy high speed Wi-Fi into every classroom as Aerohive’s AP130 is a cost effective solution and supports complete application visibility and control functionality.

HiveManager NG is available for new customers and existing customers can update without additional cost and Aerohive’s AP130 is available for $649 US list.

“A mobility infrastructure with better access, more control, and simpler troubleshooting means more time and resources to focus on student achievement, customer engagement, employee productivity, and business growth,”  said David Greene, chief marketing officer, Aerohive Networks.

Aerohive Networks announced in January an application that delivers an immersive personal shopping experience for both consumers and retailers to help shape and support modern retailing.

In June last year, Networks showcased its school optimized and mobile device friendly Wi-Fi solutions at the premier education technology show, ISTE 2014.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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