Aerohive explains how Colruyt will improve efficiency

Aerohive Networks has revealed how it is supporting Colruyt Group, a retailer operating over 40 brands, to offer the best-price guarantee, as well as operational excellence.

Colruyt’s previous network had limitations in management and monitoring. IT team felt the earlier network was a time-consuming exercise for its business team and monitoring was not centralized.
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The IT department of Colruyt believes that they can manage and monitor Aerohive network from a central location, significantly boosting efficiency.

Because the access points have built-in distributed control, the IT department is not facing single points of failure due to a legacy hardware controller. In addition, the IT team has also gained from increased network reliability and manageability as compared to the previous provider.

Aerohive Networks did not reveal the name of the previous provider.

“By using HiveManager, we now have a clear view of our full Wi-Fi environment, and all offices, warehouses and stores are presented in a uniform way,” said Wim Derijnk, team manager, Colruyt.

Aerohive Networks’ HiveManager features zero-touch provisioning functionality, an access point that comes out of the box and is plugged into the network that will connect with HiveManager and load its configuration automatically.

“HiveManager also offers extensive monitoring functionality. This allows us to see which devices are connected at what location in the store, how strong the reception is, when the device is roaming, etc. This is a nice way to work and we can offer a good service to our customer,” Wim Derijnk said.

Aerohive, which has started the implementation at Colruyt’s office, stores and warehouses, will complete the deployment in 2019.

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