Aegis Group executive Anil Nair joins Securitas to head India business



Anil Nair has joined Securitas India to head India business



Infotech Lead India:   Anil Nair, who resigned from Aegis Advisory & Consulting, a part of BPO firm Aegis, has joined Securitas India to head India business.


As president & CEO of Securitas India, a part of the $10 billion Securitas AB, he will be responsible for Securitas’ business in India. Securitas offers customized, secure solutions across industries – Aviation, Construction, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Entertainment, Retail and Manufacturing among others.


Before joining Securitas, which leverages people, processes and technology to protect workplaces, homes and society across 51 countries, Nair was president Aegis Advisory & Consulting for one year.


Aegis Advisory & Consulting engagements and wins spanned several verticals including Healthcare, Auto, Retail, Airlines and Manufacturing and has expanded to include ANZ, US and Middle East, linking customer moments-of-truth to P&L enhancement, leveraging domain insights and technology.


Prior to this, Nair was joint managing director of AGC Networks (earlier known as Avaya GlobalConnect) that was bought by the Essar/Aegis Group in September 2010.


For close to six years, Nair was the managing director of Avaya GlobalConnect.


He led a major turnaround at Avaya GlobalConnect involving rationalizing the leadership hierarchy, decommoditizing the business model leveraging domain knowledge, simultaneous with work force reorganization, cost optimization, IT outsourcing, real estate consolidation and a deep culture change exercise.


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