ADTRAN introduces ActivReach to support all grades of wiring

Infotech Lead America: ADTRAN, a provider of cloud connectivity, enterprise communications and virtual mobility solutions, has introduced ActivReach.

ADTRAN booth(source: flickr)

The Ethernet technology supports all grades of wiring, extend service reach over three times beyond the limits of standard Ethernet and deliver high-speed voice, data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) all from a single device.

ADTRAN claims that this capability allows businesses to utilize their existing voice-grade wiring infrastructure to access IP-based voice, hosted services, cloud-based unified communications (UC), and deliver data networking speeds at 100Mbps while transitioning their business towards a Gigabit future.

Many older office buildings, schools, retail stores, hotels, hospitals and distribution facilities rely on CAT3 or voice-grade cabling infrastructure for their legacy phone systems. However, voice-grade cable is unsuitable for traditional Ethernet, limiting businesses’ ability to take advantage of the latest IP voice and data network capabilities.

Traditionally, businesses have been forced to run new cable to enable Voice over IP (VoIP) and cutting-edge UC services. However, with new cabling upgrade costs running at hundreds of dollars per drop, this option becomes cost-prohibitive for many of these companies.

“ADTRAN’s ActivReach-enabled NetVanta 1535P Gigabit Ethernet switch delivers 100 Mbps over existing cable plant infrastructure, allowing us to offer flawless voice quality without impacting the existing data network. All of our customers can finally take advantage of the complete set of benefits that our hosted VoIP and UC services can offer,” said Mark Stappenbeck, senior manager of business development for Windstream-Allworx.

The Best Western Rivertree Inn in Clarkston, Wash., completed a hotel expansion which resulted in different communications infrastructure and service capabilities throughout the hotel property. The design of ADTRAN’s NetVanta 1535P utilizes standard 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet or ActivReach for extended power and connectivity in a variety of cabling environments. This design accommodated and blended the two disparate infrastructures to provide the hotel with a complete solution for flexible data connectivity up to 100Mbps.

“Until recently, we were not able to provide all of the data services that our guests have come to expect from the hotel industry. We needed to provide a consistent guest experience, regardless of which room they were in, and we were unable to do that before,” said Ella Dilling, owner, Best Western Rivertree Inn.

“The NetVanta 1535P with ActivReach is currently the only solution that can realistically provide a path for a Gigabit future while removing the traditional limitations of existing voice-grade wiring,” said Patrick Price, product manager for ADTRAN’s Ethernet Switching product line.

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