Accenture deploys Madrid Healthcare Information exchange system

Accenture has deployed the Madrid Electronic Health Record (HORUS) system.

The system enables capturing all patient information into an integrated record that can be accessed by 26,000 clinicians across all parts of the regional healthcare system.

“The HORUS system is an effective response to recent public health changes that have enabled patients to select providers, as it consolidates health information, reduces duplication and coordinates patient care across multiple institutions,” said Baltasar Lobato, managing director for Accenture’s health industry in Spain.

With 15 million health records, the system was completed in 12 months. The Madrid Electronic Health Record system allows medical professionals to view a patient’s consolidated medical record from all parts of the healthcare system, including demographic information, clinical history, physician interactions, diagnostic assessments, medications, procedures and other health system interactions.

“It’s vital that health systems are collaboratively improving technology with their physician users. More than 100 doctors serve on HORUS work groups to ensure new features complement clinical protocols and are enabling the most impact to patient care,” said Zaida Sampedro Préstamo, director general of Sistemas de Información Sanitaria at the Madrid Health Service.

The system enables patients to securely access and exchanges their own healthcare information from remote locations.

The Madrid Health Service provides healthcare services for the Madrid region, which is the third largest city in the European Union.