A10 Networks brings Thunder SPE application networking appliances at $164,000

A10 Networks today announced the launch of Thunder SPE application networking appliances for enterprises — with a starting price of  $164,000.

The company said the new appliances deliver up to a 40 percent processing performance boost relative to current systems.

Thunder SPE appliances leverage A10’s Security and Policy Engine (SPE) to implement security and policy enforcement functions.

Thunder SPE appliances are capable of performing any policy-based networking actions in hardware, including those involving security and quality of service.

The company said Thunder SPE appliances provide high-performance, hardware-based security and policy enforcement to all A10 product lines, including Thunder ADC, CGN and TPS, delivering the performance and capacity customers need to ensure their networks protected against high-speed, volumetric attacks.

A10 Networks brings Thunder SPE application networking appliances

A10 also announced today integrated DDoS protection capabilities for its Thunder CGN product line, illustrating an ideal use case for where ultra-high performance creates a much more secure and compelling solution for detecting and mitigating sophisticated, volumetric attacks at a very critical point in the network.

“Threat detection and mitigation are rapidly becoming a performance game, where the sophistication and volume of attacks are specifically designed to overwhelm lesser performing network devices, thus rendering a provider’s network infrastructure and applications vulnerable to downtime and further threats,” said Jason Matlof, A10 Networks vice president of marketing.

Meanwhile, A10 Networks announced the addition of integrated DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection functionality to its Thunder CGN (Carrier Grade Networking) products which provide IPv4 address extension and IPv6 migration capabilities.

The addition of integrated DDoS protection functionality to the Thunder CGN product line offers carriers and service providers a way to prevent DDoS attacks from compromising their revenue-generating network infrastructure.

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