Boingo Wireless powers Wi-Fi network at Dallas Love Field

Infotech Lead America: Boingo Wireless’ Wi-Fi network is available at Dallas Love Field, in line with the airport’s launch of its upgraded North Concourse.

The new carrier-grade 802.11n network has been optimized to serve increasing crowds of passengers with mobile devices using Wi-Fi to enhance their experience in the airport.

In addition to the new WLAN network, Boingo will soon launch a new multi-carrier DAS network in the modernized and expanded terminal, delivering enhanced performance for carriers and their customers, and introducing new revenue opportunities to the airport.

Boingo’s neutral host approach to Wi-Fi and DAS ensures network availability to all wireless service providers without bias, including Boingo’s roaming and platform service partners such as Sprint, Skype, Verizon and NTT Docomo.

Mark Duebner, director of Aviation, City of Dallas, said: “Boingo’s wireless services help us deliver on our promise to provide the most advanced and desirable amenities to passengers at the new Love Field.”

Designed to grow with Dallas Love Field, the new high-density Boingo Wi-Fi network provides high-speed, high-capacity wireless connectivity and flexible service options for business and leisure travelers.

“Our new wireless network was designed to expand with Dallas Love Field, and to handle the projected explosive growth in data traffic from consumer demand and the coming Wi-Fi offload protocols,” said Mark Deshaies, vice president, operations for Boingo Wireless.

Casual Wi-Fi users can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi as they explore Dallas Love Field’s new concourse and amenities, while premium service is available for travelers engaging in data-intensive activities. Boingo’s popular tiered Wi-Fi services allow leading airports like Love Field to provide best-in-class Wi-Fi services while generating revenue to reinvest in the network and the continued modernization of the airport.

In addition to offering high performance connectivity to travelers, the new Boingo network will also facilitate the delivery of a wide range of communications services to Dallas Love Field tenants and passengers, including hold-room entertainment.

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