5 benefits of Cloud based network management software

Network management software is mainly used by businesses, organizations, and IT programmers to monitor computer networks, the websites, servers, and applications. Administrators who follow up on the operations of a network, its processes, and workflow also use it.
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The cloud provides safe, user-friendly, network management solutions with a wide variety of features. The cloud is also readily available and affordable to most organizations.

Here are five reasons why you need to use cloud based network management software:

#1 Early detection of network issues

Most organizations deal with network issues when it is already too late and the users have been affected. This late response emanates from failure to integrate a proper network monitoring software into a firm’s network. This means that the operations of an organization could come to a standstill. For instance, when the network of a bank is down, its clients cannot make any withdrawals or deposits. With a network management software, organizations will be able to detect potential network issues on time. This is because it will provide instant alerts and notifications, key performance indices for all devices operating in the network, and an ability to track network users in order to diminish bandwidth issues.

#2 Minimizing network risks

With the technology world evolving each day at a rapid pace, most organizations, business, even schools and hospitals, are all going digital. This also means that network security risks have also increased. Protect your business today by installing a cloud based monitoring system. The system will give you the details (make, serial number, model, IP address) of every device connected to your network. It will also give you access to the version of every current software and firmware of every device it detects. This will help you get rid of any potential risks like outdated firmware and all unidentified devices from your network.

#3 Access at all times

The software will give you access to your network wherever you are. This means that you will be able to track and configure devices on your network from anywhere. This is highly advantageous because everything will continue to run well even when you are not physically present. Network monitoring tools are securely available from any browser. You can access it using your phone, tablet, or laptop from wherever you are.

#4 Easy to use

Contrary to what some people believe, network monitoring tools are actually user friendly and easy to use. You do not need to master mind-numbing CLI commands in order to understand how to use cloud based monitoring tools. Managing, tracking, and configuring tasks require only simple clicks. It also presents information in well-detailed visuals, thus making the task of interpreting data easy.

#5 Documentation tool

A good cloud based network management software also acts as a documentation tool to the user. This is because it will update you on any important things that might come up. An expert from Auvik maintains that, “It is one of the most powerful tools in our management suite, not only because of the feature built into it, but also because it is a great documentation tool.”

Now you know how big of an impact cloud based network management software will have on your organization. As such, you can improve your firm’s network performance and eliminate most potential problems by installing the software.

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