10 Smart City trends for 2014

IT market research agency IDC has shared top 10 smart city predictions for 2014.

According to IDC, In 2014, 15 percent of cities in the world will be in the Opportunistic Stage of Smart City maturity.

Shadow IT will be a major source of departmental level innovation but will threaten Smart City roadmaps.

The key enabler of omni-channel citizen experience will be mobile.

The business case for NextGen311 investment will be based on operational performance transformation value and not just customer service.

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Open data sets and open APIs will start to affect policy decision-making.

Leading edge cities experiment with gamification as first step to nudge citizen behavior change.

Worldwide Smart City spending on the Internet of Things will be $265 billion in 2014.

In 2014, Smart Cities will redirect 15-20 percent of traditional IT spending to the cloud.

45 percent of all big data use cases will be in financial performance, public safety, and transportation.

Competition heats up and there is significant M&A and partnership activity as vendors better define their offerings.

“2014 will be a big year for Smart Cities. Cities will move quickly from research and evaluation to investment in pilots and the organizational structures to support Smart City initiatives,” said Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, research director, IDC Government Insights Smart Cities Strategies.

The report says smart city vendors will redefine their offerings this year.

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