Xirrus unveils Xtreme Density 2 Wi-Fi to deliver customizable 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi solutions

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Xirrus has launched Xtreme Density 2 (XD2) Wi-Fi which delivers customizable 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi solution.

The company said customers can deploy a Wi-Fi network which guarantees the longest network lifespan with the help of Xirrus XD2 access points which includes Wave 2 radios.

This apart, Xirrus has also introduced Wave 2 upgrade modules for their XR family of APs.

According to Xirrus the newly launched XD2 Wi-Fi allows customers to scale their Wi-Fi networks and provide the speed and performance required to deliver user experience.

XD2 also allows customers to protect their investment with the only customizable solution in the market.

Xirrus XD2 delivers two wave 2 radios per AP, each capable of up to 3.47 Gbps and also double the speed of Wave 2 solutions with 7 Gbps per AP.

Company officials said XD2 also has Bluetooth low energy (BLE) enabled for location based services.

In addition, Xirrus wave 2 solutions integrate a set of powerful network services to optimize the user experience and ensure enterprise-grade wireless-reliablity.

Application Control prioritizes business-critical applications and ensures predictable performance while TurboXpress support all Wi-Fi modes and bands for instant adaption to a changing Wi-Fi user base.

“Customers should steer clear of Wave 1.5 solutions and verify they are getting Wave 2 technology in order to deploy the fastest solution available and achieve the best return on their investment,” said Bruce Miller, vice president of product marketing, Xirrus.

In June, Xirrus unveiled a suite of services, EasyPass, which manage mobile device connections to Wi-Fi networks in the simplest way with minimal IT involvement.

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