Why a personal office space is valuable in the age of digital

With so much of the working population shifting to a remote style of working over the last year and a half, we’ve seen workplaces all over the world completely changing the way they operate.
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Thousands of businesses are now fully embracing the idea of working from home, offering employees the flexibility and comfort of working from their humble abode. So, does this mean that offices are now obsolete? Well, yes and no.

Sure, working from home offers the privilege of staying in your pyjamas and working off the couch, but how effective is that really? When the lines are blurred between professionalism and comfort, productivity levels are at risk of falling. This is why it is so important and always encouraged for people to create their own personal office space at home. Today, we look at 5 reasons why a home office is valuable even in the digital age, so read on to find out more!

Close Proximity

If you’re someone who has been working at your dining table or on your pull out couch, you may just find yourself scurrying around the home looking for stationery, documents and everything else you may need that is scattered around the home. This is why having a designated space in the home that operates as your home office is so helpful. Having a room or corner in which you can organise all your work materials and set up your computer, Brother multifunction printers and all your other work essentials is the best way to keep organised at all times. Say goodbye to running across the house just to scan a document and hello to your efficient home office space that covers all your needs.

Those Dreaded Taxes

Let’s talk about taxes. Ah, the dreaded thing that most adults try to ignore until the last minute. Well, did you know that if you are working from home you qualify for certain tax deductions? There’s a catch though — in order to actually successfully receive your tax return, you need to have a dedicated office space in your home that is used only for work purposes. You cannot write off a majority of your business expenses if you do not have this dedicated space, so if you’re looking for a hefty tax return, it’s time to start building the home office of your dreams.

Helps Maintain Discipline

Let’s be honest…working from home comes with its own set of challenges, one of which includes distractions. It’s all too easy to take a nap or tune in to an episode of your favourite Netflix series if you’re working on the couch. This is why a dedicated home office is essential in helping maintain discipline. Having your own personal office space that is free from distractions such as your mobile phone, television (or bed), is a great way to ensure that you aren’t slacking off or doing non-work related things that may prove to reduce your efficiency levels. Boundaries are key, and a personal office space is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track when working from home.

Limit Health Hiccups 

Sure, slouching over your laptop on the couch may seem incredibly comfortable, but did you know that there are numerous health implications that may arise from your poor posture? Sitting in the same position over a long period of time each day and performing similar motions such as typing can ultimately put a lot of stress on your mind and body. By creating an ergonomic home work space, you will be able to ensure that you are giving your mind and body the resources and tools they need to keep you healthy and happy.

Keep Work And Home Life Separate

When working from home, it can be all too easy to forget about the fact that your home isn’t just an office. Unlike working from an office where you get to leave the workday at your desk before you head home, many who work remotely tend to fall into the trap of not being able to keep work and home life separate. Do you find yourself checking emails on the couch even at 10pm? If so, you just may need a dedicated work space.

People who have their own offices at home have often mentioned how great it feels to be able to close the door at the end of the day and be able to switch off and relax. This enables you to have more quality time with your partner, children or other family members instead of letting work bleed into every aspect of your life. Trust us when we say that a personal office space is a great way to take care of your overall mental health and relationships immensely.

Even in an age ruled by all things digital, having a designated work space in your home can prove to be incredibly beneficial. We hope that this article has inspired you to work on creating the perfect home office that will help you create a more balanced lifestyle even when working remotely.

Baburajan Kizhakedath

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