Vidyo signs video collaboration deal with Equatel Health

Vidyo on mobileGlobal video collaboration platform Vidyo announced its deal with Equatel Health to provide visual communication for the Equatel telemedicine platform.

Equatel Health will be using the communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) to offer real-time video consultations and medical examinations to remote patients in rural areas. Equatel has deployed the telemedicine platform within a number of Equatel’s healthcare initiatives throughout Africa and India.

“Vidyo brings the best in video connectivity to our telemedicine platform,” said Elliot Mondrow, Equatel’s CEO. “Our platform incorporates quality, robust and user-friendly solutions, from our public access kiosks to our highly certified medical peripherals. With, Equatel Health enables an unparalleled remote consultation experience.”

Equatel Health’s telemedicine platform delivers advanced healthcare to rural communities to meet the healthcare needs of emerging markets. Main services include public access e-health kiosks for patients, on-site medical diagnostics, and a custom Electronic Health Record system.

The CPaaS provides layering and routing technology allowing mobile, real-time video to be transmitted across variable wifi networks and the public Internet. This technology facilitates a high quality patient experience even in low bandwidth scenarios and rural environments.

Sam Waicberg, SVP of Business Development, Vidyo, said: “In emerging markets like Africa and India, telemedicine helps care providers proactively manage populations across tens of thousands of square miles and deliver a reliable, in-person, care experience directly to the patient, regardless of location.”

Equatel Health’s spotlight project locations include: India (partners: Max Healthcare, IFC, health 2.0), Ivory Coast (partners: Rafa Medical, Orange Telecom, Health Ministry), Malawi (partners: LMJ Healthcare, CTI), Uganda (partners: Brit Olam, Health Ministry).

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