Vidyo adds VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design

Vidyo announced the introduction of VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design to assist its contact center clients in creating video contact center experiences.

The developer resource kit includes customizable client and agent contact center Web apps which work with the VidyoWorks APIs to enable call center providers, enterprises, system integrators, and Web developers to create video contact center experiences.

This reference design facilitates Web development for scalable, multi-party-capable, video-enabled contact centers without requiring video communication expertise.

Ofer Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of Vidyo

Ofer Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of Vidyo, said: “With the VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design, developers can focus on the user interface of their Web app or other differentiators while Vidyo’s infrastructure provides amazing video, voice and content communication and collaboration experiences that adapt to the capabilities of consumer devices and networks.”

VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design includes contact center capabilities such as queuing logic, and the ability to deliver context sensitive content to consumers on hold, collect and present consumer data for agent review, add subject matter experts or supervisors to a consumer interaction in real-time, support for scheduled and ad hoc consumer encounters, locally controllable video communication (up to HD) inside the.

Vidyo will be demonstrating its new VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design this week at Enterprise Connect.

Vidyo will feature a demonstration of 4K video with UHD content rendering in native resolution with multiple participants in full HD over its existing infrastructure; its ultra-small, software based VidyoRoom HD40 group solution integrated with the Logitech CC3000e PTZ camera and enterprise audio for less than $2,900.

Orlando, Fla.-based Vidyo said its in-browser capabilities will be featured in the WebRTC Pavilion at Enterprise Connect – with a demonstration of VidyoWeb and a technology demo of WebRTC connected to a Vidyo conference.

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