Trigo says REWE opens hybrid-autonomous supermarket

German grocery giant REWE Group, has opened a hybrid-autonomous supermarket – deploying Trigo solutions – enabling customers to shop and pay for their purchases in a traditional way or autonomously without a checkout process.
REWE supermarketTrigo, an Israel-based computer vision company building the infrastructure for autonomous checkout and retail analytics, said ceiling-mounted intelligent cameras and shelf sensors will allow customers to walk in, select their items, and leave without having to pay at checkout.

REWE has a turnover of 26.7 billion euros in 2021 and 3,700 stores. This is REWE’s fourth Trigo-powered Pick&Go grocery store, with others already operating in Cologne, Berlin, and Munich. Last December, Trigo and REWE opened Germany’s first fully automated supermarket.

Trigo is capable of deploying 1,500 square meters stores and is on track to support a 2,500 square meter store by the end of the year.

Trigo co-founder and CEO Michael Gabay said: “Trigo is scaling up its store rollouts and deepening its tech offering, dominating Europe with partnerships like REWE, Tesco, ALDI Nord, and Netto, with dozens of stores in Europe under the world’s toughest data protection regulations.”

“Trigo’s solution is already proving itself in the field, with retailers seeing ROI, sales uplift, and growing lifetime basket value of customers, while improving operational efficiency through reducing or rerouting manpower and minimizing shrink. We are also making progress on reducing the cost of hardware and initial investment.”

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