Toyota Motor temporarily halts operations at 12 vehicle assembly plants in Japan

Toyota Motor faced a substantial setback as it temporarily halted operations at twelve vehicle assembly plants in Japan, starting Tuesday morning, due to a critical system failure.
Toyota India
A spokesperson from the automotive company acknowledged that the disruption resulted from a malfunction in their production system, rendering them unable to place orders for necessary components. While the cause of the malfunction is still under investigation, the spokesperson stressed that it is unlikely to have been caused by a cyber attack.

The suspension of operations due to this technical glitch has raised concerns about the potential impact on production output. The company has not yet determined the extent of the disruption caused by the system failure, Reuters news report said.

The spokesperson clarified that all of Toyota’s domestic assembly plants, with the exception of the Miyata plant located in Fukuoka and Daihatsu’s plant in Kyoto, have been affected by the production system malfunction.

The future timeline for resuming production remains uncertain, casting doubt on the possibility of Toyota being able to restart operations during the afternoon shift on the same day.

This incident has stirred memories of a significant disruption that occurred last year when Toyota’s operations ground to a halt following a cyber attack on one of its suppliers. The recent system failure serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of complex manufacturing processes to technical glitches and external disruptions.

As Toyota works diligently to rectify the system failure and bring its assembly plants back online, industry observers are closely watching the situation to gauge the impact on the company’s production capacity and the broader implications for the automotive sector.