Toshiba brings Cloud Client Manager to ensure device efficiency

Toshiba has launched its Cloud Client Manager that allows enterprises to manage their endpoint devices, providing tools and patch management to ensure device efficiency and compliance.

Toshiba is offering Cloud Client Manager with $6 per month per seat (18 month minimum), $60 per seat pre-paid first year, $140 per seat pre-paid first three years. After the terms are completed, the fee monthly remains at $6 per seat and yearly renewals are $45 per seat.

Administrators can use a standard web browser to oversee and take control of IT devices online, in real-time, without the need to invest in services dedicated management software or require advanced technical expertise to deploy.

Toshiba said its Cloud Client Manager supports mixed product and operating system environment, allowing multiple devices to be managed regardless of platform, OS or user scenario. Main benefits include improvement in organizational efficiency and maintaining uptime. This apart, it increases productivity as users can access data and applications seamlessly across PCs, laptops, smartphones.


Cloud Client Manager also automates the administration and support systems that would otherwise need to be looked after manually. More agile endpoint management via a single, intuitive graphical interface that can be accessed online will help organizations to get the best from their devices.

As part of the service, Toshiba Cloud Client Manager offers solutions for patch management, power management, asset management and Toshiba Software Distribution, which provides updates for component drivers and Toshiba applications.

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