Standard Life Group deploys MobileIron for mobility

Standard Life Group, a UK-based savings and investments company, has deployed MobileIron and Deutsche Telekom solutions for improving enterprise mobility.

The new global mobility program – aimed at thousands of employees – will deliver the security and compliance for the regulated financial services company. The enterprise mobility program has already increased employee productivity.

Providing access to documents and files — on both corporate-issued or employee-owned Android and iOS devices to more than 2,000 mobile employees – will be the main benefit to Standard Life.


“MobileIron has made a huge difference to how our employees operate. Instead of needing to find a connection to our network to get their work done, employees can now go through DTAG’s systems to get the data and applications they need securely and from just about anywhere,” said Stewart Aitken, head of Consumer IT in Group Operations IT, Standard Life.

As per the mobility deal, Standard Life will use MobileIron’s AppConnect framework paired with Deutsche Telekom’s secure infrastructure to secure its enterprise applications.

MobileIron Web@Work will support Standard Life to ensure productive secure browsing experience.

This apart, Standard Life employees across the world can access file server data from any access point. MobileIron Docs@Work will enable Standard Life employees to access work documents on Microsoft SharePoint via their mobile devices.

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