SPIRIT DSP VideoMost licensed to iJunxion

iJunxion, an Indian service provider, has licensed VideoMost, a multipoint web-videoconferencing software product from SPIRIT DSP.

VideoMost enables iJunxion to deliver SAAS videoconferencing and a co-branded cloud service to its Indian corporate and government clients. The product combines an HD videoconferencing with collaboration tools, such as document sharing and the ability to connect SIP endpoints, such as Polycom VC hardware.

iJunxion’s videoconferencing service delivered from own servers, complements the company’s B2B voice services, which are designed to bring unified communications to SMB and companies with regional distribution networks and overseas sales, as well as other businesses that require frequent business trips.

Spirit DSP

SPIRIT DSP said VideoMost’s core TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine supersedes Skype and Viber in terms of voice quality by around 0.5 MOS in all the TIA-921-B network profiles, including those with the most challenging combination of network impairments and very low bandwidths.

“Location doesn’t matter when using VideoMost. This product offers an opportunity to be connected with colleagues and partners as well as participate in massive multipoint HD web videoconferences,” said iJunxion CEO Dhananjay Saheba.

The VideoMost web-videoconferencing product is already available in Russia and other European countries. iJunxion is expecting good demand for it in India.

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