Six effective tips to create a positive employee experience

Employees are the backbone of any organization. A skilled and hard-working employee can contribute to the growth and success of the organization. But an employee can give his best to the company if only he/she is happy and secure about their job. So, it’s the responsibility of the organization to provide the best experience to the employees at the workplace.
Walmart employeesOrganizations should have a clear-cut plan of action on how to deal with employees. It should start right from the process of hiring and onboarding to create the first impression. The hiring process should be transparent and clear. You can also leverage tools like UKG Pro to provide a personalized recruiting and onboarding experience to the employees. Along with providing the best onboarding and hiring process, there are many ways through which you can create a positive employee experience, let’s look into a few of them.

  • Listen to your employees:

Talk to your employees and find out if they are facing any issues. Try to understand what demotivates or disengages them. When they are speaking out on any issue, ensure it’s resolved at the earliest. Put yourself in their shoes and understand their day-to-day experience- by conducting surveys, feedback, and crowdsourcing. Provide an opportunity for all the employees to share their opinions and innovate ideas on the project and work without any discrimination.

  • Be clear about your expectations:

Assign the tasks that were discussed or mentioned in the employee’s job roles and responsibilities. Unclear and directionless goals demotivate and disengage the employee to work. Be upfront about the roles and responsibilities of the employees. Now hold yourself and your managers accountable for what was promised with clear and open communication.

  • Offer growth opportunities:

Everyone wants to grow and excel in their careers. Young professionals are always in search of opportunities that can boost their careers. So, organizations should provide employee training with courses that can help the employees get promotions or have monetary benefits. Investing in the employee’s skills reflects the growth opportunities that are being provided in the company. Employees feel more attached to the company when they know that the company is ready to invest in them. This will also attract young talent to be part of the organization.

  • Never micromanage your team:

If you assign a task to someone in your team, let them complete it on their own. Never complicate the process by monitoring the day-to-day functions and dictating their schedules. If you have hired someone, it should be because you believed in their abilities and skills, so be it that way. Although it’s important to maintain the quality standard and get the work done in time, never micromanage throughout the day.

  • Give importance to work-life balance:

If there were a survey to find out the most quoted reason for high employee turnover, it would definitely be work-life balance. Employees would like to work in a fixed and specific time frame. So, ensure you are not forcing your employees to work for more than 8 to 9 hours per day. Once in a while when there is a requirement to finish the project, you can afford to increase the timings. But making it a regular practice will dampen the employee experience. To avoid the problem of over-timings, be clear about how long it will take to finish a project so that there will be less pressure with the deadlines.

  • Invest in employee wellness:

Employee wellness is not only about physical fitness, it involves mental and emotional wellbeing too. Programs that encourage mental, physical, and emotional wellness are important for a happy and productive workspace. Organizations should offer gym memberships, paid parental leaves, paid vacations, sick time, and much more to ensure the overall wellbeing of the employees.


To wrap up, providing a positive employee experience is important for the growth and success of both the employees and the organization. So, there should be a special focus on achieving it. We hope this article helps you in finding the best methods to provide the best experience to your employees.

Baburajan K